When to Call an Estate Planning Attorney

If you have put off calling an estate planning attorney until it is absolute necessary, then you need to know when that is. The answer to the question of when you should call an estate planning attorney is "Now" if you do not have an estate plan. There is never a good reason not to [...]

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Time to Review Your Trusts

Laws are continuously changing and your trusts should change with them. Trusts have a time-honored and ancient tradition. There is no shortage of occasions where one person wants a third-party to manage property for the benefit of someone else, which is basically what a trust is. A settlor creates the trust and a trustee manages [...]

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Rosa Parks’ Estate Loses Publicity Rights Case

Rosa Parks became a celebrated figure in America by refusing to move to the back of the bus. She did not like other people profiting off of her celebrity and was known to be litigious when her name was used. Her estate has continued suing and recently lost an important case. Every child in America [...]

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Tornado Carries Will 40 Miles

A deadly tornado in Tennessee killed a couple in their home, but it left a page of their will in tact and carried it two counties away. A tornado ripped through Perry County in Tennessee in December. Two of its victims, Antonio and Ann Yzaguirre, were killed in their home which was left in ruins. [...]

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Early Warning Signs of Dementia

When a person gets Alzheimer's disease he or she does not suddenly become completely unable to remember things and take care of themselves. There are actually early signs that a person might be coming down with disease that you might find surprising. It is extremely important that people do their estate planning before they become [...]

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