Should You Tell Your Kids about Your Estate Plan?

A common question that people have about estate planning is whether they should tell their adult children about their plans. There are no easy answers. After people get estate plans they often want to know whether they should tell other people about the contents of the plan. Specifically, people want to know if they should [...]

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Why You Should Have an Estate Plan

If you do not have an estate plan, there is a very simple reason that you should get one. It is not a big revelation that people prefer not to think about the end of their own lives and assume they will live for a long time. This makes many people put off getting an [...]

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College Students and Medical Emergencies

Parents often assume that when their children go to college if anything happens to the children, the parents will be able to handle everything just like they did when the children were younger. They are wrong unless they have done some basic estate planning for their children. In many families just because a child is [...]

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Horses and Your Estate Plan

Horses are not like other pets in that you cannot expect that everyone knows how to care for them after you pass away. If you have pets, it is always a good idea to make plans for who will take care of them in case something happens to you. However, that might not be equally [...]

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The End of Retirement?

The economic, political and social systems in the U.S. all assume that older people will retire and need care. Some people think this is an increasingly outdated model that will not be needed in the future. On average Americans are living longer and longer. Our expected life spans keep increasing. For some people this is [...]

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Estate Planning for Beginners

If you understand that you should have an estate plan but do not know the first thing about them, then you need to learn about the basics of estate planning. It might seem simple, but the first step to starting your estate plan is to learn about basic estate planning. You need to know what [...]

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Not All Student Loans Are the Same

If a deceased person still has outstanding student loans, the post-death status of those loans depends on what type of loan they are. A person would almost have to be living under a rock not to know someone with student loans and that millions of Americans owe more than a trillion dollars in unpaid student [...]

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Prince Probate Judge in No Rush

Prince's half-siblings are in a hurry to have a final decision about who the musician's heirs are. The judge overseeing the matter, however, has different ideas. Who will receive a share of Prince's $300 million estate, the rights to his music and his publicity rights? That is a great question and six people who were [...]

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Yes, You Will Die

In the absence of a technological breakthrough that scientists are nowhere close to making you are going to pass away. It is inevitable, so you might as well come to terms with it and talk to your family about it. Regardless whether we are willing to accept it - we all know we are going [...]

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