Talk to the Doctor about End of Life Care

Doctors can now receive reimbursement from Medicare for talking to their patients about end of life medical care. The conversation should not be one-sided nor should it be the only end of life conversation people have. A recent article in the Washington Post, entitled "When a doctor and patient disagree about care at the end [...]

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How Does the Medicaid Look-Back Period Work?

Medicaid's safeguards to prevent a transfer of assets to gain qualification can create challenges for those seeking assistance. Medicaid is designed to help those who can't help themselves and to help those who don't have sufficient assets for the entire time that health care services are needed. However, difficulties can arise when fraud is suspected. [...]

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Medicare and Diabetes Prevention

Positive results from a pilot program to prevent diabetes lead to the possibility of Medicare paying for patients to enroll in the program. Experts have long believed that health care costs could be reduced if the focus could be switched from treating a disease to preventing people from getting the disease. Figuring out what prevention [...]

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Cost of Medications for Seniors is Rising

A new report from the AARP details that the medications commonly used by the elderly are increasing in price well past the rate of inflation. Calling the 2016 Presidential election messy or contentious is probably too charitable. For all the bluster and the personal insults, however, there are some serious issues being discussed. One thing [...]

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When Your Medicare Plan Drops Your Medication

If you have a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, every year you receive a booklet that lists all of the prescription drugs that your plan covers. What happens if the medication you take is no longer covered? Every year Medicare prescription plans change which drugs they will cover. Notice of any changes usually comes [...]

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