Do You Know What You Need to Know About Social Security?

Many people rely on the information provided by the Social Security Administration to learn about their Social Security options and benefits. A recent government study suggests that they might not be getting all the information they need. For decades the vast majority of Americans have made decisions about their Social Security benefits by asking experts [...]

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Protect Access to Your Social Security Account

If you receive Social Security benefits, it is very important that you that you understand how to protect your Social Security account from thieves. Recently the Social Security Administration introduced a two-step verification process for access to Social Security account information online. Unfortunately, it required people have access to text messaging, which many senior citizens [...]

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Social Security in Foreign Countries

Whether you are currently working in a different country or planning to move to one after you retire, it might still be possible for you to receive Social Security benefits. Increasingly more and more Americans are working in foreign countries or they are planning to live in one after they retire. In a globalized economy, [...]

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Social Security Is Not Going Anywhere

Many people hear dire predictions about the future viability of Social Security and assume that the program will end before they can take any benefits. If this results in a failure to educate themselves about the program, it is a big mistake. People have been predicting the end of Social Security from almost the very [...]

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Proposed Budget Cuts Threaten Access to Social Security

That the Social Security trust fund will eventually run out of its surplus is not the only potential threat to the program according to officials. There is another threat that is much more immediate. Everyone should be aware by now that the Social Security trust fund will eventually run out of money. However, that is [...]

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Social Security Website Security

In response to numerous complaints the Social Security Administration is temporarily rolling back a new security measure on its website. Entering a username and a password on a website is no longer considered an adequate measure to protect people from identity theft. The login information is stored in databases that can and sometimes are hacked [...]

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Saving Social Security with More Taxes

If no changes are made, then eventually the Social Security trust fund will run out of money. One of the commonly proposed solutions is to increase the amount that the wealthy pay in taxes. But will it work? Because of America’s changing demographics and aging population, it is expected that the Social Security trust fund [...]

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Some Social Security Strategies Remain Available

The file and suspend strategy to increase Social Security benefits is officially over. A couple of other benefit increasing strategies are still available. File and suspend was an extremely popular strategy for people to increase their Social Security benefits, but as of April 29, 2016 it is no longer an option. That has left people [...]

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Why Is Social Security in Trouble?

Everyone acknowledges that if nothing is done about Social Security, then the trust fund will run out of reserves in a few years. However, not everyone knows why that is the case. There is good news and bad news about the Social Security retirement trust fund. The bad news is that if nothing is done, [...]

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New Special Needs Trust Rejection Policy

The Social Security Administration issued an emergency message to its personnel that will make it slightly easier to determine why the agency has rejected a special needs trust. In the past when the Social Security Administration determined that a proposed special needs trust for a Supplemental Security Income recipient was rejected no explanation was given [...]

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