Post Death Stock Transfers

If you own stock, then it is important to make sure that it is appropriately transferred after you pass away. Fortunately, the process can be fairly simple. Like any other form of property, stocks have their own transfer rules. What happens to them after the owner passes away is determined by those rules. In the [...]

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Study Finds Inflated Medicare Charges

A new study by UCLA found that charges to Medicare were significantly inflated and that payment patterns are problematic. Health care providers can charge Medicare whatever they want to charge. That does not mean Medicare will pay the charges as Medicare will only pay a set amount for each procedure. Despite Medicare's policy, a study [...]

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Baby Boomers Have Mixed Feelings about Leaving Inheritances

A recent study suggests that wealthy baby boomers are split about whether to leave their children with inheritances. It also shows that those who do not want to do so are not necessarily being selfish. A recent study by Hearts & Wallets found that Baby Boomer parents are split about whether they should leave inheritances [...]

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Rosa Parks’ Estate Loses Publicity Rights Case

Rosa Parks became a celebrated figure in America by refusing to move to the back of the bus. She did not like other people profiting off of her celebrity and was known to be litigious when her name was used. Her estate has continued suing and recently lost an important case. Every child in America [...]

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