About Jenn Justin, Office Manager

Planning prevents chaos and confusion.

Jenn is passionate about planning across all areas of her life. While she trusts that God orchestrates all things for good, she recognizes that the tragedy of an accident or sudden loss in her immediate household will be more manageable if a plan is in place.

Upon marrying, she and her spouse began their initial stages of planning and preparation. The desire for organization has only been amplified since becoming a mother, more pointedly, Estate Planning assures that wishes are upheld and that her spouse and child’s lifestyle will be maintained in any event.

It may feel uncomfortable to engage in these conversations as a young adult who’s active and healthy, but Jenn believes in the individual and relational responsibility we have to proactively plan and protect.

Jenn’s passion for organization coupled with her experience in customer relationship management, operations & administrative support has been instrumental in creating lean processes and promoting cohesiveness within the firm.