Glen Campbell’s Kids Still Not Allowed to Visit Him

Despite a state law that says otherwise, and that is named after their father, Glen Campbell’s children say that they are still being denied access to their father. In May, the governor of Tennessee signed a bill providing that family and friends cannot be prohibited from visiting someone by a guardian or someone who has [...]

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Protecting Your Estate from Challenges

It is impossible to create an estate plan that cannot be challenged. But it is possible to make sure that any challenges to your estate plan will have a difficult time succeeding. One of the biggest reasons people decide to get estate plans is to make sure their property goes where they want after they [...]

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Lawsuit over a Dog’s Trust Fund

Pet trusts have become an increasingly popular way for pet owner’s to make sure that their pets are taken care after the owner passes away. As with other types of trusts, they too can lead to disputes as a New York case illustrates. When Patricia Bowers passed away in 2010, the care of her dog, [...]

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Fates Worse than Death

A new survey of elderly patients reveals that for many of them death is preferable to living under certain conditions. Medicine has traditionally been focused on trying to keep patients alive, with the notion being that dying is the worst thing that can happen to someone. However, it has always been known that not everyone [...]

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Last Minute Estate Planning

If you have avoided getting an estate plan and are now facing the prospect of death, it might not be too late for you to get an estate plan that protects the interests of your family. Ideally, you should get an estate plan long before you become terminally ill. However, not everyone really thinks about [...]

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Estate Planning for Ranchers

If you own a ranch, then having an estate plan is essential to making sure that it stays in your family. Getting a plan does not have to be as complicated as you might think it is. Some of the most important legal documents a rancher can have are the documents that make up the [...]

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Avoiding Estate Mistakes

If you do not have an estate plan or have a bad plan, then it is likely that your loved ones will have a more difficult time than necessary inheriting your wealth. Fortunately, for most people getting a good estate plan is easier than they often think. One of the many reasons people put off [...]

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Prince Estate Wants to Sell Property

Some of the mystery about what will happen to Prince’s property has begun to clear up as his estate has asked for permission to sell some of his real estate holdings. It has been estimated that the total estate tax bill that Prince’s estate will have to pay will be in the neighborhood of $150 [...]

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Estate Planning Documents You Need

Everyone needs an estate plan, and every estate plan will contain a mix of different documents depending on the complexity of the estate assets and individual preferences. However, there are a few documents that everyone needs. Estate plans come in all shapes and sizes. Some are extraordinarily complex and contain thousands of pages of legal [...]

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