Should Seniors Get Married?

Getting married always comes with challenges and finances that needs to be worked out. This is especially true for people in their retirement years. When people fall in love and decide that they want to get married, they often do not think of all of the financial consequences of their decision to wed. In the [...]

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Locating Old Retirement Accounts

People with old pensions and retirement accounts often have difficulty locating them. It can be more difficult for estate administrators who need to locate the old accounts. Some help might be on the way. When pension plans first became a popular benefit in the U.S. it was normal for people to stay employed by the [...]

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The End of Retirement?

The economic, political and social systems in the U.S. all assume that older people will retire and need care. Some people think this is an increasingly outdated model that will not be needed in the future. On average Americans are living longer and longer. Our expected life spans keep increasing. For some people this is [...]

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Bipartisan Plan to Fix Retirement Problem

A bipartisan commission has released a report with recommendations on how more Americans can be made secure in retirement. If the proposals are enacted, the wealthiest people in the country could have larger tax bills. It is not a secret that millions of Americans do not have enough savings to retire comfortably when they want. [...]

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New Retirement Account Advice Rule Coming

The Obama administration is expected to sign off on a proposal to strengthen the standards for advisors concerning retirement accounts. The investment advice given by retirement planners has long been a source of contention for elder law advocates. Many advocates fear that, with little oversight of retirement advisors, those advisors often steer clients to risky [...]

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