Right to Die Begins Soon in California

A new California law that will make it the largest state so far to allow physician assisted suicide is about to go into effect. On June 9, 2016, California will become the fourth state to allow doctors to assist terminally ill patients to commit suicide. Beginning on that date, residents of California can request a [...]

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Why Some Musicians Succeed after Death

After a musician passes away you can never be certain what will happen to his or her legacy. Some musicians continue to be very successful commercially. Their estates continue to grow. Other musicians fade into obscurity. It is tempting to think that what happens to a musician's legacy after he or she passes away is [...]

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Snoop Dogg Does Not Have an Estate Plan

Prince is not the only entertainer who did not make an estate plan. Snoop Dogg does not have one either and he has no plans to get one. You might think the recent death of Prince and the news about how not having an estate plan will make his estate difficult to administer would cause [...]

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Reasons to Repeal the Estate Tax

The estate tax is 100 years old. The landmark birthday has caused many people to reflect on whether the estate tax should be repealed. Discussing whether to repeal the estate tax is always a political discussion. Liberals and conservatives rarely agree with each other about it. However, as the estate tax is now 100 years [...]

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Japan’s Corpse Hotels

Japan's increasing aging population is creating many problems for the island nation. A bizarre one is corpse hotels in residential neighborhoods. Japan has a real estate shortage. There are not enough available plots of land on the islands to build everything that the country needs. You might expect that a real estate shortage would lead [...]

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Unequal Distribution Considerations

Before creating an estate plan that leaves your children unequal shares of your estate, it is a good idea to consider how to go about it to lessen the likelihood that your decision will be challenged. There are sometimes good reasons to leave one of your children a larger portion of your estate than another [...]

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Pets and Your Estate Plan

You can make your pets a part of your estate plan. More and more Americans are choosing to do so. Pet trusts and other ways to take care of pets after an owner passes away are one of the latest trends in estate planning. Estate planning with pets in mind has grown as Americans increasingly [...]

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Why Is Social Security in Trouble?

Everyone acknowledges that if nothing is done about Social Security, then the trust fund will run out of reserves in a few years. However, not everyone knows why that is the case. There is good news and bad news about the Social Security retirement trust fund. The bad news is that if nothing is done, [...]

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Prince’s Costly Estate Mistake

All indications are that Prince passed away without an estate plan. That mistake will be very costly for his estate. It is still possible that an estate plan for the late musician Prince might be found, although it is unlikely as friends and family do not know of one's existence. In the absence of an [...]

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Heir Hunters Claim Possible Prince Child

As Prince's siblings and half-siblings have begun the court process to stake their claim to the singer's estate, the Heir Hunters of Court TV fame claim that they have been contacted by a previously unknown child of the musician's. It appears that the musician Prince passed away without getting an estate plan. Not even a [...]

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