Buried With Pets

New York state has passed a law that will allow people to be buried with the remains of their pets. Humans have always loved their pets or at least thought fondly of them. The last few decades have taken that to an entirely new level. People today routinely see their pets as members of their [...]

2016-10-20T11:42:00-07:00October 20th, 2016|Pets|Comments Off on Buried With Pets

Lawsuit over a Dog’s Trust Fund

Pet trusts have become an increasingly popular way for pet owner’s to make sure that their pets are taken care after the owner passes away. As with other types of trusts, they too can lead to disputes as a New York case illustrates. When Patricia Bowers passed away in 2010, the care of her dog, [...]

2016-08-27T11:18:00-07:00August 27th, 2016|Pets|Comments Off on Lawsuit over a Dog’s Trust Fund

Horses and Your Estate Plan

Horses are not like other pets in that you cannot expect that everyone knows how to care for them after you pass away. If you have pets, it is always a good idea to make plans for who will take care of them in case something happens to you. However, that might not be equally [...]

2016-07-27T10:12:00-07:00July 27th, 2016|Pets|Comments Off on Horses and Your Estate Plan
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