The QTIP Trust – Maintain Control of Your Estate while also Keeping your “Second Marriage Spouse” Happy

Estate planning for couples in a second (or later) marriage can be tricky.  Throw in children from a prior marriage and the plot quickly thickens.  One tremendous solution which allows a spouse to maintain control of his/her assets while also appeasing the other spouse is to utilize what is known as a QTIP Trust. Basics [...]

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After Divorce and Remarriage

If you have been divorced and remarried, do not consider yourself done with all of the legalities when your divorce is finalized and your marriage license filed. You still need to do some estate planning. For most people, getting divorced is a legal headache. There is all sorts of legal and financial paperwork that must [...]

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Prince Probate Judge in No Rush

Prince's half-siblings are in a hurry to have a final decision about who the musician's heirs are. The judge overseeing the matter, however, has different ideas. Who will receive a share of Prince's $300 million estate, the rights to his music and his publicity rights? That is a great question and six people who were [...]

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When Blended Families Feud

If you are under any delusions that estate planning for blended families is easy, a story from St. Louis will give you second thoughts. When Mary Lee and Robert Hermann Sr. were married in 1980, they were both already millionaires and they both had children from previous marriages. The two signed a prenuptial agreement to [...]

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