Which Life Events Require an Immediate Estate Plan Update?

Estate planning is the process of developing a strategy for the care and management of your estate if you become incapacitated or upon your eventual death. One commonly known purpose of estate planning is to minimize unnecessary taxes and costs, including taxes imposed on gifts, estates, and probate court costs. However, your plan must also [...]

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Why So Personal, this Estate Planning stuff?

Often times, the process of planning one’s estate involves asking rather private questions and seeking answers to deeply personal issues.  But why does an attorney need to know this when a “situation is simple?”  Because estate planning is, by nature, very personal.  Without your estate planning attorney asking such probing questions, she or he cannot [...]

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Why People Put off Estate Planning

Roughly half of Americans will pass away without estate plans even if they know they should have one. Why do people not make plans they know they should make? You have heard time and time again that if you do not have an estate plan, then you do not get to decide what happens to [...]

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Overlooked Estate Planning Concerns

When people are planning for their estates there are a few often important items that they tend to overlook. Planning for an estate can be complicated. You need to take stock of all of your assets, figure out what should be done with them, and talk to an estate planning attorney to discuss the best [...]

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Two Basic Types of Estate Planning Documents

Estate planning can sometimes seem like it requires a long, complicated list of different documents. It can be helpful to break those documents down into two basic categories. Once you start planning for your estate you can quickly get bogged down trying to figure out what all of the different estate planning documents are. There [...]

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Steps to Get an Estate Plan

Getting an estate plan often seems more difficult than it is. If you follow a few basic rules and steps, then you can get a good estate plan with little hassle. Many people have the mistaken idea that getting an estate plan is an overly complicated process. They let this idea stop them from doing [...]

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Convincing Parents to Create Estate Plan

Many children with aging parents know that their parents should do estate planning, but convincing their parents of that can be difficult. Many elderly people in the U.S. believe estate planning is something only the very wealthy need. If they only have a few major assets and modest back accounts, then they believe estate planning [...]

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Family Business Succession Planning

If you have a family business that you want to leave behind for your children or grandchildren, it is important that you not only plan ahead, but that you also start easing the way for the transition. Any estate plan is going to be more effective the more you plan ahead for what might happen [...]

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How to Get an Estate Plan

People seeking retirement advice often express concerns about needing to leave an inheritance for their loved ones. They should get an estate plan to do that. Different professionals have different roles in your financial well-being. Accountants can assist you with your tax returns. Retirement planners can assist you with your investments. And, as Morningstar explains [...]

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What Is Your Estate Planning Attorney Talking About?

Estate Planning Attorneys talk about a lot of different legal documents. You need to know what those documents are. When you visit with an estate planning attorney, the attorney is likely to mention the names of several different legal documents. If you want to understand what the attorney is talking about, then you will need [...]

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