Rise of the Super Rich

More and more Americans are amassing large fortunes. That means that more and more Americans are concerned about how passing that wealth on to their children could impact their children's lives. In "Penta Millionaires: The New Rising Class" Barron's reports that the number of American families with wealth is growing and diversifying. More families have [...]

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Not the Best Advice

Sometimes people who have good intentions can give bad advice. An illustration of this comes from a recent Dear Abby column that advised a woman to tell her mother to set up a trust. The columnist known as Dear Abby has been giving advice for decades to newspaper readers who write in with problems. To [...]

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Librarian Leaves Millions to University

Every once in a while a story comes out about a person who lived frugally and managed to amass a fortune. The latest example is a librarian from New Hampshire. Robert Morin loved books. It is believed that with only a few exceptions he once read every book published in the U.S. between 1930 and [...]

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Prince Estate Wants to Sell Property

Some of the mystery about what will happen to Prince’s property has begun to clear up as his estate has asked for permission to sell some of his real estate holdings. It has been estimated that the total estate tax bill that Prince’s estate will have to pay will be in the neighborhood of $150 [...]

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Estate Planning for LGBT Couples

Same-sex marriage is now legal throughout the U.S., but same-sex couples still should not rely on statutory legal protections instead of getting estate plans. When same-sex marriage was not legal in the U.S., it was vital that LGBT couples get estate plans to preserve their interests as the law provided them few, if any, legal [...]

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Can Whitney Houston’s Emmy Be Sold?

There are some celebrity estates that just when you begin to think that everything might be settled, they head back to court. Whitney Houston's is one of them. The Emmy awards are given for outstanding performances on television so it might seem strange that Whitney Houston, who was not known for her television acting, won [...]

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Feds Go After Terrorist’s Life Insurance

The federal government has filed a lawsuit in an attempt to seize two life insurance policies taken out by the San Bernardino shooter. There are still unanswered questions following the December terrorist incident in San Bernardino, Ca. Authorities still are uncertain whether Syed Rizwan Farook had assistance from foreign terror groups or if he planned [...]

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