What Happens When a Will is Lost?

Some states require that an original will be submitted to probate or restrict the circumstances when a copy can be produced instead. What happens when the original will has been lost? It is always a good idea to keep the original copy of your will safe and secure. In some states the original has to [...]

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Not the Best Advice

Sometimes people who have good intentions can give bad advice. An illustration of this comes from a recent Dear Abby column that advised a woman to tell her mother to set up a trust. The columnist known as Dear Abby has been giving advice for decades to newspaper readers who write in with problems. To [...]

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What is a Simple Will?

The term "simple will" is often used to describe a certain standard type of will that many people get. Before getting one for yourself, you need to understand what it means. Estate planning attorneys are used to clients saying they just need to get a simple will. Many people are told by others, long before [...]

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Do You Need a Revocable Living Trust?

Contrary to popular belief estate planning is not one-size fits all and not everyone needs a revocable living trust. However, they are a good option for many people. When you start asking around for estate planning advice, you will probably find the first thing many non-experts say about it is that you need to get [...]

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Librarian Leaves Millions to University

Every once in a while a story comes out about a person who lived frugally and managed to amass a fortune. The latest example is a librarian from New Hampshire. Robert Morin loved books. It is believed that with only a few exceptions he once read every book published in the U.S. between 1930 and [...]

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You Actually Do Need a Will

Some people today suggest that not everyone needs a will because of the many other methods of transferring assets. However, everyone would benefit by at least having a simple will. There are many different ways to transfer assets after you pass away. You can create all sorts of different trusts. You can title property as [...]

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Protect Access to Your Social Security Account

If you receive Social Security benefits, it is very important that you that you understand how to protect your Social Security account from thieves. Recently the Social Security Administration introduced a two-step verification process for access to Social Security account information online. Unfortunately, it required people have access to text messaging, which many senior citizens [...]

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Social Security in Foreign Countries

Whether you are currently working in a different country or planning to move to one after you retire, it might still be possible for you to receive Social Security benefits. Increasingly more and more Americans are working in foreign countries or they are planning to live in one after they retire. In a globalized economy, [...]

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Social Security Is Not Going Anywhere

Many people hear dire predictions about the future viability of Social Security and assume that the program will end before they can take any benefits. If this results in a failure to educate themselves about the program, it is a big mistake. People have been predicting the end of Social Security from almost the very [...]

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